After over 9 months at home, I’ve noticed a dramatic uptick in my screen time and reduction in time spent outdoors. With all this time on Zoom calls, social media, and some of the many streaming services, I couldn’t help but wonder- what kind of effect could the increased screen time be having on a larger scale?

Before we dive into the potential effects, I want to briefly introduce some psychological terminology that can help better illustrate my point. First, let’s talk about dopamine- a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger in your brain) that is released by your reward system when you’re feeling pleasure or expecting a reward…

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen firsthand the impact of the news and how it can warp one’s interpretation of certain events. We’ve also seen how divided the United States has become (regardless of who has caused it). While my expertise of psychology is limited to the several college courses I’ve taken and books I’ve read on it so far, I feel that there’s 2 major topics I’ve learned about that have been at play.

1. Confirmation Bias

Generally, people don’t like to be told that they’re wrong. When you have an opinion on a topic that you feel strongly about, you’d probably try to convince someone if they attempt to refute your view. Let’s dive into a popular example. What if someone told you that putting pineapple…

Sumanth Nallamotu

Learn for yourself, teach for others.

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